24 Day Challenge
Lead by Dallas Area's Top Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor
Responsible for helping over 2,500 Boot Camp and Personal Training Participants
Results? Over 7, 500 inches lost and over 3,000 pounds lost

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

As you already know there are many different weight loss plans on the market.  As a matter of fact there are over 4000 diet and exercise books in print and they all seem to contradict each other.  High fat, low fat, eat this, eat that…  People are confused to say the least.  At Get You in Shape, we teach our clients that nutrition and supplementation account for 70%-80% of your progress when fat loss is the goal.  The problem is that most focus on the exercise program only and don’t spend enough time learning what works with nutrition and supplementation.  If you have been frustrated with diets in the past you are in the right place.  Your frustration is over…  Get You In Shape have been using a program called the 24 Day Challenge with amazing success.  The average person is losing 8-10 pounds and 9 inches in their first 24 days, that’s average some are doing more.  Let me be clear on one thing…this is not a diet.  “Eat less to lose weight” doesn’t work.  Diets have you feeling tired, hungry and so crabby that no one wants to be around you.  We focus on feeding your body high quality nutrients that “feed muscle and starve unwanted body fat.”  The best part is the 24 Day Challenge is a system. If you follow it step by step you will be successful.

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge program incorporates exercise, a well-balanced diet, and nutritional products into an easy to follow program. There is NO cost for the nutritional consulting you will get. There is no cost for the exercise program designed by Dallas' top Personal Trainer Brad Linder. The ONLY cost is for the Advocare nutritional supplements that are a part of the 24 Day Challenge. You can even get some of your friends involved with you and make it a real Challenge. Let's hear from just of the many success stories that have benefited from our 40 Day Challenge and also the 24 Day Challenge.

Here are some stories from Get You In Shape Clients that have received great results from the Advcare 24 Day Challenge

We  changed our 40 Day Challenge to the current 24 Day Challenge. Here are a few more stories from people who have benefited from the Advocare Challenge

Here is a quick Overview Video of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

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  • Give you the best way to "get back on track" if you've lost a little bit of focus on your commitment to fitness

  • Show you exactly how my team and I will strip away all the obstacles, so that in just 24 days, you'll achieve dramatic results.

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge
Days 1-10 Cleanse Products


Advocare Products for Days 1-10


Advocare 24 Day Challenge
Days 11-24 Max Phase Products

Advocare Products for Days 11-24
CLICK HERE For DIRECTIONS for days 11-24



24 Day Challenge Documents (click on the blue to download)
24 Day Challenge Overview Form - Great document that gives you a quick blue print of the 24 Day Challenge
Days 1-10 Instructions - Cleanse Packs Instructions, What you can eat and what you cannot eat
Days 1-10 Daily Directions - Simple to follow directions with the meal replacement shakes and Catalyst.
Days 11-24 Instructions - Max or Burn Phase Instructions
Days 11-24 Daily Instructions - Step by Step Directions for days 10-24
MNS Vitamins - Easy to Follow Directions Page on how to take the MNS vitamins each day.
Order Form for the 24 Day Challenge - Pricing is for the basic option. We recommend you add 1 box of shakes and 1 bottle of Catalyst

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Advocare Lean in 13 Information

Lean in 13 (nutrition plan for days 11-24)
Lean in 13 Meal Plan - (one page food instructions


24 Day Challenge Overview


Advocare 24 Day Consultation

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