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9/11 Transformation Challenge


  • GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING - 6 Weeks With Coppell's #1 Group Training Program since 2007.
  • NUTRITION SYSTEM - A Step By Step Proven Plan That Ensures Weight Loss While We Provide Support Every Step of the Way.
  • INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY - A Personal Accountability Coach Will Be Assigned To YOU.
  • "FOLLOW THE DARN INSTRUCTIONS" Step By Step Directions. Super Simple :)
  • PRIVATE TOOLS PAGE - Hundreds of Healthy Recipes, Mindset Coaching, Fat-Burning Workouts and Nutrition Tips.
  • WEEKLY CHECK-INS - We Will Check Your Progress Then Give Simple Tips & Tweaks To Keep The Pounds Coming Off

The 911 Transformation Challenge Is PACKED With Value! Invaluable Tools, Useful Tips and Tons Of Support Will Ensure You Get AMAZING RESULTS Before THANKSGIVING!

NOTE : This is limited to the first 20 people to sign up so that we can continue to ensure the results we are known for in Coppell.

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Brad & Cynthia Linder, Owners of Coppell's Get You In Shape Fitness since 2006 and Best Selling Authors of 3 Steps To Your Best Body

Hi Coppell Area Resident,

I'm really excited you are on this website. The motto above (Get Fit.Have Fun.Make a Difference) is what we like to use at Get You In Shape because it's true!  Get You In Shape is really excited about the 9/11 Transformation Challenge for two reasons.

When I was planning this Transformation Challenge, an interesting thing happened...I noticed that the start date fell on 9/11.

When I put that on my big annual dry-erase calendar I stopped in my tracks...

I immediately remembered exactly where I was and what I was doing on Tuesday, September, 11th 2001.

Do you Remember?

I’d bet every American over the age of 30 does...

What made it even more impactful for me was:

1. I have tons of friends that are firefighters and first responders.

2. Both my grandfathers were in the military and I know how proud my parents were of them.

But, here we are 16 years later, and you didn’t come to this page for a history lesson or a bad trip down memory lane…

What does all this have to do with a weight loss transformation challenge?

It’s simple. As I was planning this next Transformation Challenge that starts on September 11th, I knew it was a sign to do something, but I didn’t know what… My first thought was of the families of the victims, but I realized that sixteen years and half a country away was probably too much for a local fundraiser.

Get You In Shape's 4th Core Value is to use our God-given gifts to give back to worthy causes in our community. So my next thought was of all the firefighters in our community that come to the rescue each and every day for us. THE HEROES.

That got the wheels in my head spinning…

I know we live in Coppell, TX but how bad did you feel the effects of the event?

While the rescue workers in New York and DC (and don’t forget the fourth plane crash in Shanksville, PA) were the heroes that day, the reality is EVERY FIREFIGHTER AND POLICE OFFICER EVERYWHERE IS A HERO.

So, I realized that YOU AND I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE LOCALLY! That’s when I reached out to the Coppell Fire Department with my idea…

If you’ve read this far, I can only assume that I’ve made a connection with you and/or brought up your memories around 9/11.

Maybe you’d even like to help our local fire department…

Well, here’s how we can accomplish all of that together:

1. You participate in our famous Transformation Challenge and get great results!

2. I donate $1.00 to Champion Responders for every pound you lose. How’s that for some extra motivation?!

3. If you choose, to get extra motivation and support from your friends, you can have them sponsor your weight loss efforts as well by pledging $1, $2, $5 or $X for every pound you lose.

Together, we’ll Get You In Shape (pun intended :) and help our brave men and women of the Coppell Fire Department do their jobs better and safer. :-)

About The Charity...

Champion Responders was founded by the Chaplain of the Coppell Department, Steve Calvert. The mission of Champion Responders is to help emergency responders and their families respond proactively  to the growing problems of occupational stress from repeated exposure to trauma throughout their careers. 

This Stress increasingly manifests itself in suicide, alcoholic and drug abuse, domestic violence and divorce. All of this  effects the lives of family members, friends and co-workers. It also cost counties, cites and fire/emergencies billions of dollars each year. 

By signing up for the 9/11 Transformation Challenge, not only will you be doing something great for YOU but you will be doing your part to help Champion Responders. Get You In Shape will be donating $1 for every pound lost so this will hopefully give you more motivation and inspiration to "Follow The Darn Instructions" that we will be giving you for the 6-Weeks. Which is why we use "Get Fit. Have Fun. Make a Difference!"

We will even help give you more motivation by allowing your family and friends to help keep you accountable through the 6 Weeks. You can get a few friends and family members to pledge to donate $1-$5 to the Champion Responders on your behalf for every pound you lose throughout the 6 weeks. It will help add to the motivation for you throughout the 6 weeks and also give you extra accountability.

Another reason I am excited about the 9/11 Transformation Challenge is because it will also be the 10 Year Anniversary of Get You In Shape being in Coppell. We will be playing a BINGO game the entire month which will give all participants a chance to win prizes by getting BINGO stamps.

What Get You In Shape Is All About!

Our Group Personal Training program is specifically designed for people who want to workout with a passionate and fun group of like-minded people who have a desire to be, do and become more. We specialize in putting ALL fitness levels in a positive group environment that creates  motivation, inspiration, inspiration and accountability. 

If you have read this far then it's clear that you are truly serious about making a positive change in your life and you want more then ever to a sculpt, slim and fit body that will give you the CONFIDENCE you deserve. Most people want it, but few will actually do anything about it so let me take a minute to acknowledge YOU for taking this first step.

I want to be very clear - this may be an important consideration for you - our program is NOT for people who want to "get their butts kicked" or walk out of a workout feeling like they've been hit by a bus. They are not for anyone who wants to be in a competition each and every workout session. Our workouts are scientifically designed to deliver body-transformation results AND make you feel & move better than ever before. Form and function are two very important factors in our training program. Don't worrying, though, as we will educate you on how to do both.

Finally, before I get into some of the details of the 9/11 Transformation Challenge you’re considering joining, I also want to share that Get You In Shape is a small, family-owned business that puts a real emphasis on relationships. We consider our Clients a part of our Get You In Shape Family, and they share the same view. We’re NOT like a big-box facility or a national franchise that basically rents you equipment and may offer some personal training services for a few hours a week. Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer.

The relationships we create and our clients’ strong desire to do business with US is how we can truly make a difference in their lives. But don't take my word for it, check out our 480 plus YouTube Success Stories on our playlist just above. These are REAL PEOPLE with REAL Success Stories!

Time Before Registration CLOSES below:


What DO YOU Get With The
9/11 Transformation Challenge?

  • Kick Off Meeting

    This will get you motivated and prepared to rock the 6 Week Transformation Challenge . Get your initial measurements, go over the program and give you all the tools needed before starting.

  • 21 Group Group Personal Training Sessions 

    We are known in Coppell for being the  best Group Training Program since we starting in 2007. You'll go at your own pace AND only be pushed to your own fitness level.

  • Community Support

    Our fitness family will help give you support which is needed when doing a Challenge. You'll be put in a positive environment that will help motivate, encourage and inspire you throughout the 6 weeks.

  • Accountability

    Accountability is key to making this program work. You will receive calls, emails, & have direct access to GYIS to make sure you are staying on track.

  • GYIS Game Plan Guidebook

    A 57 Page Step By Step Guidebook. Loaded with success tips and strategies to help YOU get the best results possible.

  • Complete Getting Started Checklist

    This checklist will outline everything YOU need to set yourself up for success over the 6 weeks! It covers everything from setting aside time to grocery shop and meal prep.

  • 6 Weeks of Print-N-Go Grocery Lists

    Each week will come with a complete grocery list that you just have to print and take it to the grocery store.

  • 67 Easy To Make Recipes

    Complete Recipe Manual Filled with whole-foods based, incredible recipes like Butternut Squash Soup, Citrus Fish Tacos, Award-Winning Chili and more.

    You’ll get 6 weeks of done-for-you meal plans that are 100% Dietitian Approved.

    You’ll get emails that are designed to keep YOU motivated and on track with your goals. These are INVALUABLE  and will keep YOU focused and inspired.

    You will get your Starting measurements and then measurements at the 2 week mark, at the 4 week mark and at the end of the 6 weeks you will have one final measurement and weight. We will give you options for how to continue your journey at this point as well.


    We are so confident in the effectiveness of it, that when you follow the program and we don't exceed your expectations we will give 100% of your money back, guaranteed. 

Added all up, that's $973 in VALUE for just a one time investment of $249 for the 6 Week Program!

NOTE : This is limited to the first 20 people to sign up so that we can continue to ensure the results we are known for in Coppell.

At Get You In Shape.... You're Not Just Another Number

We've Helped Hundreds of Local Coppell Residents Finally Get the Body of Their Dreams and We Want to Help You Get Yours Too!

"My clothes fit better and I feel stronger– I am actually pinning up about an inch in my work slacks until I can get them altered. I do sleep better and my energy levels are now pretty constant throughout the day."
Karen H. Market President at Frost Bank and volunteer and Mayor of Coppell, TX


Basic Details: 9/11 Transformation Challenge

Who is This For? 

  • You, If You Want To Learn How to Drop Weight Fast (and keep it off)
  • You, If You Have Been Putting Off Feeling & Looking The Way You Deserve
  • You , If You Have A Busy Schedule (and need flexibility in your schedule to get to your workouts)
  • You, If You Have 3-9 Inches To Lose From Your Stomach
  • You, If You Want More Energy, More Strength & More Confidence
  • You, If You Want To Look Better in the Mirror and in Photos
  • You, If You Want Your “Skinny” Clothes to Fit Again
  • You, If You Are Looking To Put Yourself In A Positive Group Of Like-Minded Individuals In Coppell
  • You, If You Are Committed to Getting Results BEFORE the Holidays
  • You, If you have not been a Get You In Shape client before

Who is This NOT For? 

  • ​Anyone Who is not willing to follow a proven program to help them get started toward their weight loss goals
  • Anyone Who Thinks Hours on The Treadmill Is The Only Way To Lose Weight
  • Anyone Who Thinks Weights Make You “Big & Bulky”
  • Anyone Who Thinks "Saving" Calories Will Help You
  • Anyone Who Thinks Taking The Latest “Magic Pill” To Lose Weight Is A Good Idea
  • Anyone Who Wants Results But Does Not Want to Put In the Effort

Not Sure If This Is Right For You? Check Out A Few More Of Our Client Success Stories Below

"I lost 16 pounds, 16 inches and 8.73% body weight in just a few months! I am different. I have learned that there truly isn't a magic pill that you can take to lose weight and be healthy."
Ellie H.

"After the first 18 day’s I had lost 9.2 lbs. and 7.5 inches. Since then I have lost about another 10 lbs for a total of 19 lbs during the first 10 weeks of the program and about 50 lbs since I started my weight loss journey." - Lotta

"I lost 20 pounds during the first few months of the program. I have continued after and have now lost a total of 40 pounds and 180 inches! This program has literally CHANGED MY LIFE!" Sharon K.

Basic Details of the 9/11 Transformation Challenge 6 Week Program 

  • Kickoff Event -  to prepare you to rock the 6 Week Challenge! (value $79)
  • 21 Group Personal Training Sessions in just 6 Weeks! (value $159-$199/month)
  • 12 Interval Based Cardio Sessions - Interval based cardio program that is led by a GYIS Personal Trainer. ($60/Month)
  • 2 Monthly Community 5k's - ($40 value)
  • 35 Total Sessions - 21 Group Fitness & 14 Cardio Club Sessions
  • Get You In Shape Program Guidebook - This is the 101 guide to helping you get the kick start you are looking for before the holidays! (value $79)
  • Nutrition Game Plan - We are a total program and this will help with 70% of your battle. (value $79)
  • Weekly Education, Meal Plan & Nutrition Tips - 6 Weeks of weekly meal plans, recipes and tips that will help maximize your results! (value $300)
  • Fitness and Nutrition Journal - Discover how Get You In Shape can help double your results by using this simple to follow program.  (value $47)
  • Accountability - Put yourself in a positive and healthy environment that creates motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability. (value = Priceless)
  •  Nutrition System- You'll get access to Get You In Shape's proven step by step ("follow the darn instructions") nutrition system. (value $150)


NOTE : If you were to only count the per session price for the 35 sessions we are offering during the 6 Weeks , it would come to $7.12/session (not the meal plans, accountability, nutrition system, etc)

Where is it? When Are The Days/Times?

1. When: Program Starts off with a Kick Off Orientation. The program will go from September 11th-October 21st
2. Fitness Levels: We work with ALL FITNESS LEVELS
3. Where: Andy Brown East Park (next to The Core Rec Center) 260 East Parkway Blvd. Coppell, Texas (Map It)
See weather details on the FAQ page.
4. What Days:
Group Personal Training
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Fitness Session Times
5:30am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 12pm
Evening Times Monday/Wednesday at 5:30pm & 6:30pm and Friday’s at 5:30pm
Cardio Club (interval based cardio)
5:30am & 6:30am - Tuesday and Thursday
You will get the entire 6 Week Accountability Calendar after you secure your spot below.


We are so confident in the effectiveness of it, that when you follow the program and we don't exceed your expectations we will give 100% of your money back, guaranteed. BUT......
-Serious inquiries only - Please DO NOT sign up unless you are truly ready for the KICK START you know you've been needing.