28 Day Kick Start

...Because Isn’t It Time To Take Care of YOU?”


Attention Coppell Area Residents…

“FINALLY! A Coppell Weight Loss & Fitness Program That Combines the Ultra Fun Environment and Cost Effective Structure of  Group Fitness WITH the Individualization and Extra Coaching That Personal Training Provides!!”

At Get You In Shape.... You're Not Just Another Number

We've Helped Hundreds of Local Coppell Residents Finally Get the Body of Their Dreams and We Want to Help You Get Yours Too!

"My clothes fit better and I feel stronger– I am actually pinning up about an inch in my work slacks until I can get them altered. I do sleep better and my energy levels are now pretty constant throughout the day."
Karen H. Market President at Frost Bank and volunteer and Mayor of Coppell, TX


Here Is What 28 Day Kick Start Is All About..

We've developed a 28-Day Rapid Fat Loss Kick Start Program that's unlike anything you've ever tried in the past. And it's guaranteed to work for you and give you the KICK START you need to get moving toward your health and fitness goals. So I’m looking for 15 men or women that are looking to transform their bodies and not only like, but LOVE how they feel!

There's no dieting, no drugs and no gimmicks. Because that stuff doesn't work (and can damage your body).

This 28 Day Kick Start program will be very hands on with fitness training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to change habits; it's designed to transform your body fast so you must fit the following criteria to apply:
- Positive attitude
- Looking to get into the best shape of your life
- Want to add lean, toned, and firm muscle quickly
- Live OR Work in Coppell Area.
-Can dedicate 60 minutes and can commit 3-4 times a week to exercise at our Coppell Location
-Are willing to listen, apply our coaching to change your body and outlook on effective fitness (know-it-all's need not apply!)
-Have not been a  Get You In Shape client for at least 6 months .
-Don't mind getting your hands dirty and working hard!
-Willing to invest at least $199 in themselves for the 28 Days!

I want to be very clear – this may be an important consideration for you – our program is NOT for people who want to “get their butts kicked” or walk out of a workout feeling like they’ve been hit by a bus. Our workouts are scientifically designed to deliver body-transforming results AND make you feel & move better than ever before. Form and function are two very important factors in our training program – don’t worry, we’ll educate you on both. 

Finally, before I get into some of the details of the  28 Day Kick Start you’re considering joining, I also want to share that Get You In Shape is a small, family-owned business that puts a real emphasis on relationships. We consider our Clients a part of our Get You In Shape Family, and they share the same view. We’re NOT like a big-box facility or a national franchise  that basically rents you equipment and may offer some personal training services for a few hours a week. Our clients’ success goes beyond the programs and services we offer.

The relationships we create and our clients’ strong desire to do business with US is how we can truly make a difference in their lives. But don't take my word for it, check out our 450 plus YouTube Success Stories on our Playlist below. These are REAL PEOPLE with REAL Success Stories!

NOTE : We are limiting this 28 Day Kick Start to the first 15 people so that we can continue to provide the level of service we are known for in Coppell. 

What YOU Get With The
28 Day Kick Start? 

  • Kickoff Event -  to prepare you to rock the 28 Day Kick Start! (value $79)
  • 14 Group Personal Training Sessions in just 28 days! (value $159-$219/month)
  • 8 Interval Based Cardio Sessions - Interval based cardio program that is led by a GYIS Personal Trainer. ($60 value)
  • 1 Monthly Community 5k - ($20 value)
  • 23 Total Sessions - 14 Group Fitness & 9 Cardio Sessions.
  • Get You In Shape Program Guidebook - This is the 101 guide to helping you get the kick start you are looking for the fall holidays! (value $79)
  • 28 Day Nutrition System - We are a total program and this will help with 70% of your battle. (value $79)
  • Weekly Education & Nutrition Tips - Weekly tips that will help maximize your results! (value $300)
  • Fitness and Nutrition Journal - Discover how Get You In Shape can help double your results by using this simple to follow program. (value $47)
  • Accountability - Put yourself in a positive and healthy environment that creates motivation, encouragement, inspiration and accountability. (value = Priceless)
  •  Nutrition System- You'll get access to Get You In Shape's proven step by step ("follow the darn instructions") nutrition system. (value $150)

Added all up, that's $973 in VALUE for just a one time investment of $199!

The Basics of the 28 Day Kick Start

1. When: February 27 - March 3rd
2. Fitness Levels: We work with ALL FITNESS LEVELS
3. Where: Andy Brown East Park (next to The Core Rec Center) 260 East Parkway Blvd. Coppell, Texas (Map It)
See weather details on our the GetYouInShape.com FAQ page.
4. What Days:
Group Personal Training
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(2 Saturday sessions each month 7am & 8am)
Fitness Session Times
5:30am, 6:30am, 8:00am, 12pm
Evening Times Monday/Wednesday at 5:30pm & 6:30pm and Friday’s at 5:30pm
Cardio Club (interval based cardio)
5:30am & 6:30am - Tuesday and Thursday
You will get the entire 28 Day Kick Start Accountability Calendar after you secure your spot below.

Real People..Real Results.
Check out our YouTube Playlist below with over 450 Plus Success Stories.

You Could Be OUR NEXT Success Story!