24 Day Challenge Seminar and contest -

24 Day Challenge Seminar and contest


Jul 18

We have toyed around with this for a while now and we are excited to announce our 24 Day Challenge Seminar.
We also be starting a contest at this event for those that want to take the information and do the 24 Day Challenge.

This awesome event will…

  • Show you the #1 way to make the most of your time with your workouts, so you can start seeing results right away.
  • Reveal the “Insider Tips” on the best approach to build nutrition into your fitness program. (Hint: you might think you’re eating well right now, but chances are some lights will go off when we show you this.
  • Give you the best way to “get back on track” if you’ve lost a little bit of focus on your commitment to fitness.
  • Show you exactly how my team and I will strip away all of the obstacles, so that in just 24 days, you’ll achieve dramatic results
  • Help you see with 100% clarity the visible, measurement improvements in your body that you’re going to achieve

We know that this will fill up so you must RSVP. Also this is open to ANYONE (not just boot campers). This just means that we encourage you to invite others in the Coppell area to sign up with you.

Sign Up at www.Coppell24DayChallenge.com