24 Day Challenge Results -

24 Day Challenge Results


Feb 19

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

We just finished getting all the results from our recent 24 Day Challenge. It is incredible to see each and every time we do a group 24 Day Challenge, how great results are pouring in. The 24 Day Challenge is for anyone looking to look, feel and perform better. Most people come in needing a kick start, some need to break the weight loss plateau, and others just need to have a spring cleaning (or an oil change).24DayChallengeAdvocareI also let people know that this program is not just for people who need or want to lose weight. it is for EVERYONE.

The average weight loss on this program is 8-12 pounds in just 24 days. This was the national average. I was a little skeptical when hearing this but we have done this program now for over 2 years and have tracked just about every person going through it. As I just stated, some don’t need to lose that much weight, some people do. The average, though, with this program since we have started is 8-12 pounds. You can see for yourself on our Youtube Channel from our 24 Day Challenge from real people like you looking to find a program that works.
If you have not even heard about it yet, we are having out next 24 Day Challenge Nutritional Mixer at our house, February 28th from 7-8:30m,

Go to Coppell24DayChallenge.com to sign up

Here are the results from our recent 24 Day Challenge.

Katherine lost 15 Pounds on the 24 Day Challenge

Victor Lost 13 Pounds on the 24 Day Challenge

Donald Lost 11 Pounds on the 24 Day Challenge

It was tough to pick a winner but we did give out prizes to the top 3 folks that expressed the most change and also got the best results

Here are the Top 3 from the recent Advocare 24 Day Challenge

#3 Alissa Jaquish (wins $50 Cash)
Lost 11 Pounds and 6.40% body weight in 24 Days

Alissa’s Story

1. Name, what you do and where you live

Alissa Jaquish.  My wonderful husband, Jake, and I have three fun and inspiring little ones: our oldest girl in Kindergarten, our next little girl in Preschool, and our toddling son.  We love living in Coppell because of the wonderful community and school system, and plan to stay put at least until everyone is through high school.  I work for Southwest Airlines in the Marketing Department, running market research (mostly via online surveys because we, like you, hate when folks interrupt dinnertime with unsolicited phone calls!) to help improve the experiences of our Customers.

2. What did your life look like before the 24 Day Challenge?
I was committed to boot camp, attending 99% of the days that neither my husband nor I were traveling.  However, I was not eating healthfully at all.  On some level, I think I justified more junk food because I knew that 24DayChallengeAdvocareunlike the five years prior, I was finally exercising again.  So, despite nine months of boot camp, the scale hadn’t moved and I didn’t look much different at all.  I had the right long term goals, to have more happy years with my wonderful family, but am embarrassed to say that those goals weren’t enough.

3. Why did you decide to do the 24 Day Challenge?
My family went through a hard time last fall.  My father-in-law, with whom we are very close, was in the hospital for about a month recovering from stroke and undergoing quadruple bypass surgery, amongst other things.  My husband had been on his way to achieving his goal of running 500 miles over the course of the year, but had all but stopped when he began spending so much time in his dad’s hospital room.  We were just trying to get through day-to-day while supporting our kids and his dad.
So, when my friend asked me to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon with her over the Christmas break, I hardly listened to her.  We didn’t have time for it.  Beyond that, I couldn’t run a mile in high school, was running 10+ minute miles on a good day in boot camp, and never thought of myself as a runner.
But, then I paused to think more about it.  Jake and I deserved some quiet time, and as well this would get him running again.  It seemed even more important now, given the health issues we now knew he could inherit from his dad.  I needed a short term goal to work toward.  (And, though it’s awful to write this alongside such issues as dad’s stroke, I had to get in a wet suit with all my coworkers in the end of January for a team building event.  Every girl’s nightmare!)
So, we both committed to the half.  We needed a way to make sure we were getting the right nutrition to support the long runs as well as wanting to make it easier on ourselves by shedding extra pounds, so we signed up for the 24 Day Challenge together.
4. What was your first impression of the 24 Day Challenge?

I was open minded and motivated.  I knew it had worked for friends and I trusted Brad.  I used to think that products like Advocare were too manufactured to be healthy, but realized I was fooling myself.  I was eating a ton of totally processed foods—it had to be better than that.
I could finally envision myself thinner.  I knew I had the strength to do it for 24 days, especially with the wet suit coming just a few days after the end of the challenge.
5. What were a few of the things you liked about the 24 Day Challenge?

I enjoyed the experience of making healthy decisions with my husband.  I loved that we were cooking healthier dinners for us and for our kids.  I also enjoyed the shakes.  They’re great blended with ice and sometimes fruit for breakfast.  And, for lunch, they’re super convenient to keep in a desk drawer.  I found it empowering to eat healthfully at work, skipping the cafeteria and the cliché ever present birthday cake in the break room.

6. What were the benefits you achieved from the 24 Day Challenge?
I lost 11 pounds and inches on the 24 day challenge.  Or, as I like to think of it, I lost 13 pounds on the 31 day challenge, because I’ve mostly kept to the same routine that you begin on day 11 of the challenge.  It’s still working for me.
My husband lost nearly as much, plateauing at what his doctor calls his ideal weight.  It’s even more gratifying seeing him eat and be so healthy.  He’s even off of his blood pressure meds!  What a wonderful example we’re setting for our kids.  I’m super proud of that.

Beyond that, we are achieving our running goals.  We each ran 8 miles yesterday. Boot camp, supplemented greatly by the 11 inches off my frame, gave me the core and leg strength to change my outlook on my health and my athletic ability.  If the high-school version of myself could see me now- nearly ready to run a half marathon after three kids and years of being sedentary- she’d be floored.

7. What would you say to anyone looking at the 24 Day Challenge?
Go for it!  You have nothing to lose (but the weight) and everything to gain.  It changes your body, your health, your confidence… the list goes on and on.

#2 Todd Wilxox ($100)

Todd Lost 20 Pounds on the24 Day Challenge which was 8.00% of his total body weight!

Here is Todd’s Story
My name is Todd Wilcox, I live in Coppell,  and I just completed the 24 Day Challenge.  Over the 24 days, I lost 20 pounds and almost 8 inches.  Ultimately, I look better and I feel  great.  By closely following the guidelines laid out by the GYIS staff, I got great results.

I own my own business, and I am constantly on the run. My daily life before was to get amped up on 3-4 cups of coffee in the morning, usually throw in a fast food lunch, and overeat and drink at dinner and on weekends.  I had low energy levels in the afternoon and would generally be exhausted by the evening.  I rarely had “time” to exercise.

I started the GYIS Boot Camp in November after deciding that my daily pattern needed to change.  The exercise program helped me focus on my health and got me motivated to continue.  After the normal holiday splurge, I wanted to start the year with something that would give me a strong start and make a lasting change.

24DayChallengeAdvocareFor me, the program required commitment, but it was not difficult to follow.  The first few days were a little rough, as I stopped the coffer intake.  By Day 4, I felt great and immediately saw positive results.  The program is not about starving yourself, so it wasn’t like a typical diet.  It is just about cutting out the poor nutritional foods that we get in a habit of eating.  The Advocare products were easy to use and had a great positive impact.  I certainly plan to continue with several of the nutritional adjustments and the Advocare supplements.

I recommend the 24 Day Challenge to anyone who wants jump start their health plan.  I plan to build on the great results and make a positive change in my heath in 2012.

#1 Hunter Hagan – Congratulations! ($250)
20 Pounds in 24 Days

Hunter came into the program with the fitness part of the program down. He was working out twice a day. He just needed a total change in the nutrition department. He followed the program and lost 20.4 pounds and losing 8.40 % of his body weight during the program.
Hunter is on the left of the video

My name is Hunter Hagan, I am a student at Coppell High School and I live in Coppell.

Let’s Here Hunter Story

My life before the 24 challenge was very different. I worked out everyday, but I wasn’t refueling my body with healthy foods. Often times I would come and eat junk food and drink sodas.  I decided to do the 24 day challenge because I was headed down a road of being extremely overweight.

My first impression of the 24 day challenge was, I was very impressed. The first meeting was well organized and gave incredible guide lines on how to be successful of the challenge. I really liked the fact that I could lose 24DayChallengeAdvocareweight and gain muscle. I was glad that one of their main points was that you would be losing fat and not muscle.

The benefits I have received have been, I feel extremely faster. I play lacrosse and football and the 24 day challenge helped me become quicker and more agile. I lost 20 pounds in 24 days.

If anyone is interested in the 24 day challenge i would tell them that, the reward is so incredible and it really changes your life. I would say don’t hold anything back and go all in and just follow the guidelines.

Advocare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board