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24 Day Challenge


Jul 06
In the topic of nutrition, that brings me up to the topic of today.
In my 10+ years of helping individuals and groups, it is VERY clear to me that our clients who get the best results in the shortest period of time have two things in common.

#1 They’re very serious about their fitness and stay consistent by going to all of the Boot Camp Sessions.

#2 They eat the right amount of foods at the right about of intervals, and supplent their diet with high quality protein, fiber, and multi-vitamin/minerals to help minimize soreness and maximize recovery.

We all know that exercise is important but the other 23 hours of the day is where you can make or break your results. If you have read the Get You In Shape Program PDF,there is an entire page on why the research suggests  we add supplements into our normal diet. Our goal at Get You In Shape has always been, and continues to be, delivering the highest and best value to our clients – to YOU.

The word “value” in our profession means one thing – RESULTS. I think you can tell we are committed to getting you the results you are looking for and want. At least we hope so after that first workout you got.

And we believe (and have found) that adding high quality nutrition into your program will  help make the process EASIER and also help increase your results. If you had more energy and less cravings, how would that do to your day?

My point is this, we have done the work for you by searching for a Safe and Effective nutrition company that is backed by hundreds of non-paid endorsers (Drew Brees and Jason WItten being just two) and a scientific board24DayChallengeAdvocare that is second to non in the industry. We have also found an amazing program that allows you to get started and get great results without having to be a rocket scientist. It is call the 24 Day Challenge

Get You In Shape is having an informational meeting tonight  at our house night to cover the 24 Day Challenge
and the products that are Most Effective  when someone is just starting out on a program or needs a boost to what they are doing (if they are doing anything). If you are interested in at least hearing about products that will help with filling in your nutritional gaps so your body runs more efficiently, having more energy and mental focus throughout the day, and/or having appetite control down so you do FEEL like eating the whole plate and just each ¾ of the plate, you need to come to our house tonight and check out our 24 Day Challenge program that has already been proven to work and help many  others that are in your shoes.

A few things:
1. This is for everyone – we will have a few non-boot campers that will come tonight. SO if you have someone
that you want to bring to check it out with you, bring them.
2. There is no consulting cost. The only cost to you is for the products that are with the program
that are 100 percent and that will actually end up being something that replaces the unhealthy foods
you are currently eating.
3. You do not have to start. Many people think that if they come they are committing to the program.
This is an informational night. Most people do join because they get to hear how the program is and
how it can help them.

Please reply back if you can come so we can be prepared. If you have already RSVP’d, we have you on the list
When: Tuesday July 6th , 7:30-8:30 pm
Where: 601 Loch Ln. Coppell, TX 75019
What: Proven Step By Step Total plan! 24 Day Program that incorporates what, when and how
to eat, exercise and proven a proven nutritional supplement program to help any jump start or
break through their fitness goals. There is NO COST for the consulting and the only COST is an
exchange in what you are currently spending on eating out, foods, and drinks that are not helping
you to spending your money on nutrition that will help you look, feel, and perform better.
For more information on the 24 Day Challenge, see the services page at www.getyouinshape.com. 

Here are just a few of the many testimonies from the 24 Day Challenge


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Want to start or hear about it but can not make the meeting? email us or call us at 214-603-8287 and we will set up a time to meet outside this time.

Not in the Dallas area but want to hear more about or want to
start now?
We have designed the program so that we can help people that are not
in the Dallas and Coppell area. We walk you through the program by
phone and email. We offer phone and email support throughout the

24 Days and help get you on acustomized program after you are finished with the 24 Day
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