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  The Kick off Meeting happening Thursday, July 11th...Day #1 is July 12th.

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Get You In Shape's Next Group Challenge

* Important Note: Only 15 Spots Are Available For
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At the Kick Off Meeting, you will meet supportive, friendly like-minded people who have a desire to look, feel and perform better also.


  • NUTRITION PROGRAM - A Nutrition Plan to Fit Your Needs to Ensure Weight Loss and Provide Support Every Step of the Way.
  • INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY - A Personal Accountability Coach Will Be Assigned To YOU.
  • GROUP SUPPORT - You'll motivation, inspiration, encouragement and accountability from like-minded folks going through the program with you.
  • "FOLLOW THE DARN INSTRUCTIONS" Step By Step Directions. Super Simple :)
  • PRIVATE FB GROUP - This has proved to be a huge benefit 
  • PRIVATE TOOLS PAGE - Hundreds of Healthy Recipes, Mindset Coaching, Fat-Burning Workouts and Nutrition Tips.
  • WEEKLY CHECK-INS - We Will Check Your Progress Then Give Simple Tips & Tweaks To Keep The Pounds Coming Off

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The Kick Off Meeting will be on July 11th. The actual Group Challenge Starts July 12th. Here are the three KEY areas this Group Challenge Covers.

  1. Accountability - You will get the coaching and accountability needed to stay motivated and committed for lasting change. We've helped hundreds of people look, feel and perform better.
  2. Nutrition System - You will get step by step "follow the darn instructions" as to what, when and how to each to get the fastest results possible (safely). You will also get a kick start through nutrition products that will help ensure your body is getting all the "gaps" met which will help with appetite control and energy. 
  3. Group Support - We have been doing this long enough to know the power of group support when it comes to starting, sticking and staying on a healthy lifestyle. You'll have daily support via private group page, weekly check-ins with the group and have access to other group members to help keep you motivated.

* Important Note: Only 15 Spots Are Available For This Next Group  Kick Off Meeting. Sign Up By Entering Your Information Below.

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  • #1 We’ll show you the #1 way to make the most of your time working out, so you can start seeing results right away. And when we say right away, we mean right away.
  • #2- A New Approach to Nutrition! We’ll reveal the“Insider Tips”on the best approach to build nutrition into your fitness program. (Hint: You mightt hink you’re eating well right now, but chances are some lights will go off when we show you this.)
  • #3- Fire Up a Fresh Focus! We’ll give you the best way to“get back on track”if you’ve lost a little bit of focus on your commitment to fitness.
  • #4- Say Goodbye to All the Obstacles!We’ll show you exactly how my team and I will strip away all the obstacles, so that in just 24 days, you’ll achieve dramatic results.
  • #5- Hit Your Goals More Quickly! We’ll help you see with 100% clarity the visible, measurable improvements in your body that you’re going to achieve.