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It's Back...Back By Popular Demand..The GYIS Biggest Winner TEAMS

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HEY Get You In Shape Client,

We know starting 2018 with a focus on Coaching and Team Accountability will help YOU achieve your goals faster AND have a more enjoyable experience.

EVERYTHING we are doing for the GYIS Team Accountability Biggest Winner Challenge is designed for you.

We are blessed and excited about sharing the New Year Accountability Biggest Winner journey with YOU!

We want everyone to come together to help us live out our #1 Core Value to “put people in a positive environment that will create motivation, encouragement, accountability and inspiration.”

This Biggest Winner Team Challenge  is designed to help foster teamwork within our GYIS community, keep you accountable to coming to the GYIS workouts, off-day cardio and your nutrition. Lastly, we are adding in things to help with community to make the process and journey more enjoyable.

 What better way to start 2018 than to do all the things you know you should be doing to help keep you on track with a TEAM?

The Get You In Shape Biggest Winner
Team & Individual Contest
 Prizes and Awards -

The Biggest Winner Team Contest  is not about winners and losers, but as with any thing that Get You In Shape has done in the past, this is something that provides extra motivation and encouragement for all of the participants, wherever they are in their fitness journey.

We will have awards and prizes for Teams and the Top 2 Individuals!

If you complete all components, fill out and turn everything in you will get a t-shirt

Overall Winner: Team Award:

  • Each team member will be able to ‘gift’ 1 free month of Get You In Shape’s fitness program to a friend.
    This is putting in action GYIS’s #3 Core Value, Pay it Forward! (Over $1,000 Value).
  • Each team member will receive 1 box of Spark and Free GYIS Winter Gear ($47.95 value)

Top 2 Transformations--Individual Awards:

  • One month of the Get You In Shape Fitness Program (up to $199 value)
  • One month of the Get You In Shape Cardio Club Program ($60 value)

Questions & Answers

What is the GYIS Biggest Winner Team Contest?
This is simply a TEAM contest to keep you motivated and accountable for 6 weeks as 2018 starts. You will get in teams of 4-5 people and all come together to help motivate each other and help hold each other accountable throughout the journey.

We know what the power of having group support and group accountability can do as it relates to you "following the darn instructions." There are a few things that we are going to do to help hold you accountable to the simple things we all need to do to stay on track and get the BEST results in just 6 weeks.

We will also give you some individual accountability by sending you a Habit Question each and every day for you to answer. This is something new we recently added that will help you "stay in the game" by having you answer a habit question daily and having the ability to communicate daily with an accountability coach. 

Here are the basics:
The cost is $39 to participate. With everything you will be getting to keep you motivated and accountable, this is just more of an anti-up to be a part of the GYIS Biggest Winner Teams.

Why are we doing it?
1. Start 2018 Off-Right  - The #1 answer we get from folks joining our program is that they simply won't do it on their own. Having a program that is geared around helping keep you accountable (through a team and checklists) will simply help you get off to a fast start in 2018.

2. T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More - We know that from our past programs having a TEAM will help you achieve results AND allow the process and journey to be easier. Teams will be 4-5 people. We recommend you find 3-4 others that workout at the same fitness session you workout at. If you sign up and don't have a team, we will place folks on a team. We have found out that participants will benefit the most when placed on a team with people who workout at the same time together. We will, however, make sure to place you on a team if you don't have a team yet. We do ask that each time either has 4 people or the max is 5. 

3. Strengthen our GYIS community - We know the power of being involved in a community where everyone is like minded and on the same page. We know that this will help YOU and your team. We can all come together to help motivate and inspire each other in our GYIS community.

4. Make the process of Getting/Staying in Shape Enjoyable - Let's face it, going to every workout, doing your off-day cardio, journaling everything you put in your mouth and following the Nutrition Program can be a daunting process. is tough. This Contest will help make the process easier and more enjoyable.

5. Keep YOU Motivated and Accountable - We know that this time of year is tough. Thanksgiving and Christmas are in your rear view window and you may be facing the results of some poor eating & exercise decisions during the past 2 months. What better way than to have a contest that will help ensure you get on track and stay there?

Will this include the ONE/80 Group  Starting in January? No. We understand everyone is different so we are having two separate programs so that YOU can choose what you want to do. If you want details on that..go to and sign up.

Can you participate in both the ONE/80 Group and The Biggest Winner Teams? Yes. You can do one, both or choose not to participate in any of the extra programs we are offering to help get your 2018 off to a jump start. 

Why are we charging $39 to Enter? We know that if you invest some money (put some skin in the game) then you will more than likely stick with the program. Since this is a team and individual contest, we also think this will help everyone follow the guidelines. Offering this is also above and beyond what we normally do as a service to our clients which will require more time and effort from our staff. Having a small fee will help off-set a little of the cost involved for the Get You In Shape staff during the 6 Weeks. 

Rules and Details

The requirements to get your Biggest Winner T-Shirt are things that will help YOU ACHIEVE RESULTS and HELP you stay accountable to the simple things we all need to do in order to get and stay in shape. Having some “skin in the game” and investing $39 will let us know you are committed and willing to be held accountable.

Once you sign up, you will get the Biggest Winner Guidebook that has more details. This is some of the information included in the Guidebook:

1. Get measured and weighed on January 12th at any of the fitness sessions. 

2. Print and check off the 6 Week Checklist and turn in by February 23rd (you will get this when you sign up).

3. Attend at least 2 Get You In Shape Fitness Sessions each week for 6 weeks.

4. Perform at least 2 off-day workouts each week and post what you did on the Facebook GYIS VIP Group page on those days. This is not only to keep you accountable but to help motivate and encourage our GYIS community also.

5.  Log in your app each day of the Contest. If you are not going to use MyFitnessPal you will need to turn in some form of journal each week. 

6. Answered the daily questions and Make an honest effort to read the lesson plans in MyCoach.

7. Submit at least one tip throughout the 6 weeks to the Facebook GYIS VIP Group page that you have used that has helped and benefited you.

8. You must Check In For Charity at least 3 times during the Challenge.

9. You must get your final measurements and weight recorded on or before Friday, February 23rd.   It is your responsibility to make sure you get your measurements and weight.

As an addition to this team challenge, we are offering a group One/80 Nutrition Challenge.  It is a three part system designed to help you develop life long healthy habits.  It begins with the 24 day jump start (start your transformation/cleanse). Next is the 28 day optimize phase (reinforce healthy eating habits) followed by the 28 day lifestyle phase (solidify your new routine).  The One/80 Nutrition Challenge focuses on your transformation from the inside out. This comprehensive program shows you how you can turn your life around by giving you the tools and support you need to build a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

MyCoach - Daily Accountability and Lesson Plan

We will be using this really cool technology to deliver you our lessons and check in with you daily.  This is a great way to keep you motivated and accountable.  Pretty cool right? 

All you need is the MyCoach app (by Coach Catalyst) and your specific app code, which you will need to use in order to log-in to the app on your smartphone. 

As we get closer to the start date, you will get an email with details on how to set the app up. 

Each morning around 9 am you will get your question: 

"Yesterday, did you "Follow The Darn Instructions?" which you will answer with a simple yes or no.  Remember, these answers help us coach you so there is no use in fibbing.  They are also there daily to keep you mind "in the game" and to ask questions to your coach If you are struggling we want to know so we can help.  

The entire 6 weeks is designed to help you get consistent in "Follow The Darn Instructions"  it simple: 

When I say  “Did you following the darn instructions” here is what I mean:

1) Accountability - Did you answer habit question of the day and reach out to your coach with any questions.
2) Nutrition - Did you eat well-balanced clean nutrition 5 times throughout the day and track intake using MyFitnessPal?
3) Supplements - Did you make sure to add in high quality nutrition supplements to help ensure your body is getting what it needs to live optimally?
4) Exercise - Did you exercise yesterday? We recommend 3 resistance workouts and 2-3 cardio workouts each week.

So you simply answer if you truthfully "Followed the Darn Instructions" or not. Answering truthfully each day allows us to reach out and help if you are struggling.  You can also insert a little comment or message each day if you want to give us more information about how you are doing.  

Accountability + Nutrition System + High Quality Supplements + Exercise = RESULTS

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