10 Secrets to get that swim suit body before summer hits! -

10 Secrets to get that swim suit body before summer hits!


May 25

10 Tips for getting that sleek bathing suit body back this summer

As summer approaches, people are looking to get that bikini body or swim suit body. Here are 10 TIPS to help you reach that goal!

1.    Start from SCRATCH – You are probably reading this because you are looking to drop a few extra pounds or inches. So today you are starting over from scratch. Just hit the re-start button to begin your quest to get that bathing suit body you are looking for. Don’t look back (at the past failures and disapointments) and focus on the FRESH start. Focus on TODAY and as a new day for you!

2.    Believe you can ACHIEVE your goals – This is the first habit we cover in our programs. If you do not change the way you think, you will NEVER reach your goals. Believing and having faith in what you are doing will be your key to staying on the path to success. Have faith that what you are doing TODAY will lead to your ultimate goal TOMORROW (it may take a little longer than a day, though)!

3.    Get Help! Any new changes will be tough. Find some friends who are ready to get back in bikini shape with you and get start together. You may need to get some professional help with a certified personal trainer, a nutritionist, a doctor or someone who has had success with helping people lose weight and look great in a bathing suit. One reason why Get You In Shape has grown 300% in the last year is because the success (RESULTS) of what the boot camp has achieved. People are getting that group support along with the professional help (with certified personal trainers) they need AND are in an environment that creates success that everyone wants to be a part of. We have a group of moms that started a support group to help keep each other accountable for their nutrition (what, when, and how they eat) and making sure they are all exercising. This one tip will make the journey you are taking easier and more enjoyable.

4.    Eliminate anything getting in your way – What is getting in your way from your reaching that BATHING suit BODY you want? Most people can rattle off 5-10 quick things right when I ask them this question. The only thing is most people can not come up with a solution to eliminate these problems. So you probably have an idea of what those things are that are stoping you from moving forward. This does NOT have to only be foods, but here are a few suggestions:
1. Do not go to fast food restaurants. This alone can help save many calories and even if they do serve healthy foods, your old habits could always come back to bite you.
2.  Don’t buy unhealthy foods to out in your house. If it is in your house, it will get eaten sooner or later. Save yourself the trouble (and also your family) and just buy healthy foods and snacks to have around your house.
Those are just a few things but you will know what obstacles in your live you need to get rid of.

5.    Exercise by using both cardio and resistance training – If you have been living on another planet and just came back to earth, resistance training along with a good cardio program has been proven to be more effective than just cardio exercise alone. If you already on a resistance training program, you want to make sure that you always change your workouts up, change the repetitions and sets, change the amount of time you workout and change the exercise program up. The Get You In Shape Boot Camp is a great example of changing it up. Since October of 2007, we have constantly changed every workout to make sure our participants bodies constantly have to adapt to the changes put on it. What does that mean? It means that their bodies will have to work harder (burn more calories) to adapt to the constant changes being put on it. No matter that workout you are doing, you always want to be changing it up to get the most out of your workout.

6.    Think of your body as a machine and then treat it like one – You don’t put cheap oil in your car, do you? I love using this analogy because most people treat their cars better than their bodies. Cars will come and go but you only get one body! Here are some tips. Eliminate all fast foods, white breads, watch your portion sizes, eliminate alcohol, eliminate sugary drinks, and eliminate anything else YOU KNOW is not good for your body. Then add things to your body (your machine) like more water throughout the day and well-balanced (blend of protein, carbs, and fats) meals and snacks. This will take some time getting used to but you will look, feel, and perform better as you treat your body like a machine. If you are a Christian, I suggest you have the verse  1 Corinthians 6:19-20 memorized. It says “Do you not know that your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God, and that you are not of your own? For you have been purchased at a price. Therefore, glorify God in your body.”

7.    Write down your goals! Yes, I know you want to look great in a swim suit. You want a bikini body. We all want to look great. One of the keys to getting that is to write that goal down and put it all over the place. Have it someplace where you can see it all throughout the day. Put it in your car, bathroom, the refrigerator, your office and anywhere else where you will be able to look at it and it reminds you of your goals.

8.    Take measurement and pictures – I love being able to see a client after just 12 days of one of our programs and they have lost 2 inches from their waist. Talk about motivation! Taking measurement and a GOOD BEFORE PICTURE (yes, one that you don’t want to see) has really helped our clients reach their goals. It has helped with encouragement, motivation, and also inspiration (you see what results someone else got and you will be inspired to get started too).

9.    ENJOY THE PROCESS – know that getting that swim suit body will be a process. The process is just that. It will not happen overnight and you need to make the process of working hard, making sacrifices (giving up deserts can be a HUGE sacrifice), doing things you don’t want to do will be tough.  Celebrate each moment and enjoy those small sacrifices as they come. End the end, they will seem very small compared to the HUGE long-term RESULTS.

10. Celebrate – This is one thing that I highly recommend to all my clients once they reach their goal. Celebrate in the victory. Celebrate in the defeat. Celebrate….PERIOD. This can be a new pair of workout clothes or shoes. It can be a new bikini (in the EXACT size you wrote down in your goal) or it can be a weekend getaway. Have a plan and when you reach your goal, CELEBRATE.


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