10 Exercises to Strengthen the Core and Abs -

10 Exercises to Strengthen the Core and Abs


Sep 23

Looking for some good core and ab exercises? Check out the video below for 10 variations that can help strengthen you core and abs.

Core Workout from the video
60 Seconds each
50 seconds each with 10 sec rest
45 seconds each with 15 sec rest
40 seconds each with 20 rec rest

1) Plank
2) Right Side Plank
3) Left Side Plank
4) Pillar Bridges to Planks (from hands to elblows)
5) Slow Mountain Climbers
6) Reach Hand through other arm in plank Hand
7) Reach Leg though other leg in plank
8) Plank Jacks
9) Slow Bicycles
10) Fast Bicycles

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